A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) signed in August 2018 shows the commitment both organizations have to collaborate on future programs and activities, including wild turkey and habitat conservation projects, education and outreach and habitat restoration.

“[The MOU] really solidifies a great relationship we’ve had with conservation districts at the national and local level,” NWTF District Biologist Matt DiBona said. “The conservation districts have those great local relationships with landowners, and if you’re involved in wildlife habitat or conservation management, you can’t overlook that.”

NACD and NWTF have worked together through a number of national efforts, including the Forests in the Farm Bill coalition, and have collaborated with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and state forestry agencies to staff wildlife biologists and other positions to increase conservation delivery on private lands, including a planned position in New Hampshire and Vermont.

“Capacity is often a limiting factor in reaching landowners and getting projects on the ground,” DiBona said. “So, we’re really excited about that.”

In the meantime, NWTF is building on the past 20 years of collaboration with the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts (NHACD) to build turkey habitat and create accessible hunting property.

“The conservation districts are committed to wildlife habitat and working with landowners on technical assistance and taking the right steps for turkeys,” Cheshire County Conservation District Manager Amanda J.C. Littleton said. “Turkeys have come back with such a great success story, now they’re hunted in our region, which is great. The partnership has really been a positive impact on the environment.” Read more >>>


Washington’s Cascadia Conservation District (CCD) is working with landowners and other partners on wildfire recovery efforts to mitigate the after-effects of wildfires.

In December 2018, the conservation district gathered federal, state and local partners to hold a workshop focusing on post-wildfire recovery efforts from August’s Cougar Creek Fire that burned more than 45,000 acres. Fire damage can lead to soil run-off during rainstorms, which can cause flooding and other ground instability.

The area is not unfamiliar with wildfire damage and the after effects, so it took some time for Cascadia Conservation District to grow to include wildlife recovery efforts as part of its overall wildfire education.

“We live in a region that’s evolved to have fire as part of the landscape,” CCD Project Coordinator Patrick Haggerty said. “We have a responsibility to live with fire here, so we really focus in on programs that are tailored to helping landowners prepare for and recover from wildfires.” Read more>>>


The NACD Forestry Resource Policy Group (RPG) is excited to work on a number of projects in 2019. The Forestry RPG is entering the final year of our three-year strategic plan and is close to achieving remaining objectives. We have a number of things to do this year, but the Forestry RPG has a roster of committed, knowledgeable members up to the task.

Each year we assemble a list of priorities. I’ve included several items below from this year’s list of priorities. We want to keep conservation district forestry leaders apprised of these items, and we encourage your input and cooperation.

  • Inventory state conservation district forestry activity—From our 2015 comprehensive forestry survey we learned that a number of states have a conservation district forestry committee. The Forestry RPG is interested to compile a full inventory of these groups and learn more about their needs and interests. Forestry RPG regional representatives will reach out to state leaders this spring and summer to compile our list.
  • Engage the nationwide NACD Forestry Network to expand grassroots efforts to collect and disseminate information—The network officially launched this past summer and has already generated a wealth of new ideas. We have grown the network to include contacts from more than 30 states, but this year we intend to fill that roster. If you assist conservation district forestry projects in your state and would like to help out, please contact your RPG region representative or NACD Forestry Specialist Mike Beacom.
  • Identify and explore emerging forestry issues and opportunities—Last year we studied conservation district involvement in Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership efforts, and in 2019 we would like to learn about how conservation districts are assisting Good Neighbor Authority projects. We are also interested in tracking conservation district forestry efforts and opportunities related to wildlife habitat and urban forestry.
  • Monitor and influence ongoing legislative, regulatory and policy efforts affecting forest landowners and managers—The NACD policy team does an excellent job keeping up with relevant forestry policy on the Hill, and Forestry RPG members have field experience to complement those efforts. Our group helped advocate for the wildfire funding fix and contributed to the Forests in the Farm Bill Coalition. We’ll continue to keep an eye on forest resource needs and developing policy.
  • Continue engagement in the next farm bill—We intend to help educate conservation districts about changes to existing forestry programs and new forestry opportunities.
  • Keep conservation districts informed of forestry related emerging issues and resource tools and technology through Forestry Notes and other NACD communication tools—The most important thing we can do is share the forestry successes of our conservation districts across the country. We want to tell your story!

The Forestry RPG will meet on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas, from 8:00 a.m. to noon. I encourage you to stop by if you plan to attend the NACD Annual Meeting. And please reach out to your Forestry RPG region representative to share local forest resource concerns and your forestry success stories!

Steve Hedstrom, Chair
NACD Forestry RPG

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